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We made a cardboard box train for my son’s birthday party. My daughter eagerly helped, and even pushed the train around the house with three small passengers inside.  I think the cardboard box is a perfect symbol for imagination.  Didn’t everyone play with a box at some point in their childhood?

I found a wonderful blog post on many different cardboard creations:

Tip Junkie/ 32 things to make with a cardboard box

If you are stuck on a creative project, take a moment to look at it with a sense of imagination.  What else could it be?  How could it be played with?  How can I make it more fun or interesting?  Make something out of nothing and try to see from a child’s eyes.

train front

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  1. Seriously, this was the cutest thing EVER. Particular when B and the other little boy, whose name I have forgotten, were in there together.
    Remind me sometime to show you the picture of my box house. I loved it so much that I planned to run away in it, by attaching it to my wagon and pulling it with my bike. I think my idea was to bike by day and live in it at night. I got as far as inviting over a friend who also wanted to run away and live in my box with me. We planned to climb out my window in the night and take off with the box and our bikes. We were seven.
    We only backed out when we saw how far of a climb it was from my second-story window to the ground. Then my parents threw away my box and I grieved and grieved. I got other boxes later but none was as perfect as the first one.
    Amusing side note: This was my last almost-adventure without my brother. He was three. I remember deciding he was too young to run away. But apparently he wasn’t too young for other things — two months later he was my partner in crime on proving the nonexistence of Santa Claus. After we proved that S.C. was indeed real after, we were inseparable. 🙂

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