Going up a level

Upgrading my blog

I have transferred my blog from wordpress.com to my own domain name, hosting and using wordpress.org.  I also fiddled around with a new theme and I’m learning about what serious bloggers do.  I feel like an astronaut cutting off her tether and using a jetpack for the first time, hoping that I don’t hurtle off into deep space and run out of oxygen.

Books on blogging I’m reading:

  • Teach Yourself Visually WordPress by Janet Majure (ok, little too graphically busy)
  • Mom Blogging for Dummies by Wendy Piersall (amazing!  highly recommended)

2 Replies to “Going up a level”

  1. I love the name! Hope it doesn’t turn out to be folly.
    Don’t worry about hurtling off into space, astronauts only use their jet pack to save themselves if their tether breaks. So if you’re using your jet pack, you really had no other choice but to save yourself!
    And since there’s no friction in space, you just have to point yourself in the right direction and give a little push and you’ll keep going!

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