Organizing your writing and crafts

Getting your act together

Your crafting or writing time is precious.  It helps to be organized so that you’re not wasting that time looking for patterns, figuring out what the next step is or running out of supplies in the middle of a project.  It also is a good idea to track your progress, whether it is your hobby or a business.

Project list

I used to have piles of papers and magazines for my knitting patterns, but now I keep a binder with my patterns in protective sleeves.  I take out the pattern to use it, then put it back in when I’m done, with any corrections added.  This also works great for recipes, craft instructions, research and writing.  As I wrote in an earlier blog, Ravelry is great for organizing knitting patterns and projects online.

Make a  master projects list.  It is easier to concentrate on one thing if you have promised your inner child that you won’t forget about all the other stuff you want to do too.


For writing, do what comic book editors and tv show producers do and keep a “bible”,  a list of facts about characters, places and events in your novel or story.  That way you won’t accidentally rename a minor character, or have a character take his car home when he doesn’t know how to drive.


Professional and student artists keep a portfolio, and  you should too.  Take a picture of every completed craft project you do.  Keep a list of completed writing.  Make a brag list of published works.  On days when you feel like you’ve never accomplished anything, pull out your brag book or file and look it over. I often give my knitting as a gift- if I don’t take a picture before I give it, I kick myself.  Make yourself take pictures of the not so good stuff.  Learn from your mistakes.  When you redo the project and both arms are now the same length, you will be glad to have the “before” picture to compare it to.

If you are submitting writing to be published, set up a spreadsheet to track where you’ve sent stories, queries or proposals.  Keep a file on markets and agents.

I’m investigating if Pinterest is a waste of time or a good way to organize ideas for projects.  The answer at the moment is…yes.




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