Hobby Profile: Drawing

I’m starting a series of post profiling different hobbies, passions or pursuits.  I’ll cover what it is, what you need to do or have to dip your toe in, what you do to go to the next level of involvement, recommended reading and ways to connect with others.


Drawing is a nice, cheap hobby.  You can draw practically anywhere and any time.  The problem that most people have with it is that what they see in their heads won’t come out on the paper.  I know that happens to me, I want to draw a realistic person and I come up with some cartoonish mess.  Like with any worthy thing, it takes lots of practice.  Sketch drawing is a way of observing, of taking the time to really see and interpret everything around you, instead of taking things for granted.

“Sketching is actually a science of observation. What we think we see and the way the world is are two different things.” Ruth, an artist, says.

Supplies for a Beginner: sketch paper, pencils in different hardness levels (you can buy them as a set), a good eraser, preferrably a kneaded one.

Optional extras include: inking supplies, pastels, charcoal, different hefts and textures of paper, colored pencils, rulers, clips, masking tape, calligraphy pens, and fixative spray for pastels and charcoal.

Recommended books:

  • Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
  • Draw Comics the Marvel Way  by Stan Lee and Joe Buscema
  • Drawing Workbook: A Complete Course in Ten Lessons by Jill Bays


Going up a Level: from a basic understanding  of drawing, you could start a larger project or launch yourself into painting, computer art and more.

Fun things to challenge yourself with: comic books, cover art, still life drawings, portraits, landscapes and illustrations.

When you are drawing, try to recapture the last time you drew without judgement, before some well-meaning adult or critical classmate made you doubt your artistic ability. Draw with joy.

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