Wish Lists and Daydreams

wishingWish Lists

“If you’re feeling listless, make a list.”- Siimon Reynolds, Better Than Chocolate

One way to get your imagination kick-started is to make lists.  List of things you want, places you want to go, potential ideas for stories, projects that would be fun.  Think big and think wild.  No pre-judging.  This is brainstorming what you really want if there were no limits.  If you’ve always wanted to to star in a movie or go on a cruise  on a pirate ship, write it down!  This is an exercise for opening your imagination and learning something about yourself.  Go back over it later and think about how you can do something towards those wishes.  Maybe you could research a vacation even if you can’t afford one yet, or you could make your own movie with your friends until you become a hollywood star.


Another tool related to wish lists is daydreaming.  Daydreaming got me through high school.  Maybe you’ve gotten out of the habit.  Try it!  Picture your perfect day.   Write it out, starting with waking in the morning.  Do you wake up on a space ship?  A mansion?  Who is with you?  What do you do?  Keep the negative “realistic” bits out.  It’s a daydream, not an agenda.

I remember doing this with my friends as a kid.  Imagining what it would be like to rule the world, explore a jungle or be a rock star always made us happy.

Explore further:

  •  read Wishcraft by Barbara Sher (she has other great titles too)
  • make a wish list on Pinterest
  • exchange lists with your close friends- you might be surprised
  • go over your lists and think about what you can do right away
  • use your lists to make goals



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  1. Such a simple idea! Jane, you are so smart. I’m going to start a list today. I’ll share it with you later if you’d like…

    I still daydream. A friend even wrote a song about it once…

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