the Best Laid Plans

Setting Goals, Marking Deadlines and Re-evaluating

I set a goal for myself to finish a rewrite of my novel-in-progress by next Saturday, so that I could have it off my desk before the dreaded summer reading season hits.  I have made some great progress, but I would have to lock myself in my room for next week to get that accomplished.  I could be working on it right now, but I made a commitment to post to this blog once a week, and I have not broken that yet.  When  I have to surrender and say that I can’t make a self-imposed deadline, it is important to stop before I call it failure.  Is it really?  I have been writing consistently, daily for more than a month.  I have made breakthroughs in the plot and characters.

When you don’t meet your self-imposed goals:

  • Forgive yourself for not completing your assignment
  • acknowledge what you did get done
  • evaluate- ask, what stopped me from getting this done?
  • come up with solutions for obstacles
  • ask- do I still want to achieve this goal?
  • reset deadlines
  • reset goals
  • ask for help from family and friends


“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
Douglas Adams


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