Mini City

City Scene Craft

For this week’s library craft, I brought in boxes I’d been saving for a while, then gave the kids a list of ideas- make a castle, make a city scene, or make a mailbox.  No one chose to do the mailbox, but I liked the idea and will do it another time.

One child was making things, then taking them apart before she was finished.  Build, almost finish, destroy, build something else.  She did not want me to take her picture, so I was not able to capture her brief creations!

city scene

To make a city scene, have a flat piece of cardboard for the base.  Cover it in grey or white paper, and make a construction paper street.  Cover cereal, cracker and snack boxes in construction paper.  I used a paper chopper to make window squares on some of the buildings, on others I drew on windows.  Tape the buildings down with clear packing tape.  For wobbly buidlings, I placed another building next to it for reinforcement.

dead endtea truck

The kids also made road signs and cars made out of toilet paper tubes.  The tea box truck didn’t fit the scale of our city scene, but was perfect for another child’s mega-complex.

cardboard mega complex

“It’s a factory that runs all the time.  So they wear the diapers and can only eat snack cakes!”- the artist said, describing his mega-complex.  Our city scene would fit in the middle of his piece.


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