Owl Story-time

Dream Big, Read story-time- owls

Quick story-time craft for preschoolers.  Cutting out the parts for the owl is a good project for a young volunteer.

We read:

  • I’m not Cute! by Jonathan Allen
  • Whoo’s there? by Mary Serfozo
  • and Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasanpaper owl

Craft Instructions:

You just need construction paper (in brown, orange, yellow, white and black) with glue sticks.  Older kids could cut out the shapes.  We had the shapes pre-cut, which makes this a craft suitable for ages 2 and up, as long as the child no longer eats paper.

  • Owl body- brown.  An oval with two triangle shaped ear tufts on top
  • Wings- brown. Make two.  The ones I made are shaped like claws. If you are artistically challenged, make triangles.
  • Eyes- make two circles in yellow.  Make two slightly smaller circles in white, and two smaller-than-that circles in black.
  • Beak- a carrot shape in orange.

Assembly: Place the eyes first, using glue sticks, then the beak.  Attach the wings to the back.  Have the children practice writing their name on their owl.  To make it interesting for the 8 year olds who wandered into story time, they could pencil in feathers, or put on a black paper background and make a star-scape, or assemble the project blindfolded. 

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  1. I love tje idea of making it more difficult for the older kids by having them do it blindfolded! Did any of them try that?

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