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I started this blog in April 2011.  I have done about 53 posts.  This week I don’t feel like posting anything.  I feel like no-one is reading these, that it’s a vanity and a waste of time.  If I want to make money, it would make more sense to sell individual pieces of gum on the sidewalk of our town.  If I want to reach an audience, I should write a book.

I thought about blogging about having a murder mystery party at the library, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. It was fun, it’s best to be prepared, that’s all.

zucchini bread

I thought about blogging on growing zucchini.  I was worried how bad I was with plants so I planted way too much, which grew huge! I really wanted to make zucchini bread like I remember from childhood.  Even though I followed my mom’s recipe, it didn’t taste the same.  Not much to say about that.  Fortunately, my Mum’s still alive to make it- I’ll have to watch her because I don’t think she uses the recipe she gave.

So maybe I’ll blog about something next week.





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  1. I read them too! BTW, I have the same problem with my mom’s recipes. I think there is subtle differences in the water & oven temps ‘n stuff that make the taste.

    Mike T

  2. i go through the same thing with my zuchini bread. yes, watch your mom because you can. i wish i’d watched my dad. i’ll have to keep playing with his recipe. sorry to hear you are down. the murder mystery was fun and being prepared did help. hope you got the tape up! sorry i forgot about that. i fear i can’t help you make money blogging but i can support you by reading it – which i do.. i just never think to comment. *HUG*

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