Summer Reading Finale!

Camping Party at the Library

For our end-of-summer-reading party (I’m done! hooray!) we had a camping themed party.  I put up a tent in our program room.  We also had a table outside with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and hula hoops, but I had a hard time convincing the kids to play outside.

indoor camping

I made a fake fire out of rolled up paper grocery bags and construction paper.

Activities included the outdoor play, painting rocks (ran out of rocks and had to go out in search for more mid-program!), knot tying and friendship bracelets.  I had a teen volunteer, but with a program like this I think I should have had more help.

We made s’mores.  I took our microwave from our staff room and set up a s’mores making station.  Half a graham cracker, 3 squares of a regular Hershies bar, and one marshmallow.  If you cook six at a time, it takes between 20-30 seconds. Then stick the other half of graham cracker on top each one. The marshmellow is goooooooey.  The kids had a blast, the parents all solemnly told me that they, unlike the crazy Librarian lady, would have used marshmallow fluff from a jar instead.  Yeah, less messy.  It’s not the same, though.

We handed out certificates of achievement for completing the summer reader’s club, and allowed the children their choice of prizes off the prize table.  The biggest hit were finger lights.

indoor s'mores

So, I still have to fill out evaluations, statistic reports and all that, but I’m DONE!  Looking forward to taking a vacation in the little bit of summer that is left!

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  1. How cool!!! That is the best library program ever. Could I run a program at your library? For free! I have always wanted to read certain books with kids and then act on them — the children’s books where they invent cool things. Wouldn’t it be fun to actually build them?

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