I made this turtle for my son- I think I’ll make more as gifts, as he is cute and easy to make!  It’s from the book Little Knitted Creatures by Amy Gaines.knitted turtle

I’ve gone through a lot of knitting patterns looking for cute and easy things to make.  Usually it’s one or the other- cute or easy.  Many creature patterns are crochet, which I’ve never learned, or are in the round, which I find tricky.  This guy is knit on two needles and then sewn together.

There’s nothing like having a little time off to make one desperate to cram in every possible project, book, show, activity, chore, planning session and self-evaluation one can possibly fit!  Not good.  Better to breathe.  Stare off into space.  Sit somewhere with a cool drink.  As I write this mind is having an epic argument with itself as to what I’m doing next.  I should…  As Loretta Laroche says, “don’t should all over yourself.”

knit turtle

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  1. he’d adorable. and i’m right there with you. so over-planned it’s not even funny. despite a recent and extremely painful financial setback i’m actually planning to cancel the polymer clay class i was going to offer starting next month as continuing ed. when i offered that i was looking at maybe teaching one wilton class a month if i was lucky. now i’m teaching two to three a month AND teaching a continuing ed class for 10 weeks. add in the full time job and a life and something has to give. even physically it seems there’s no room for clay in my life anymore – the supplies dont have a home outside the basement. it is, apparently, the era of cake. so be it. (why do my replies to blogs often sound like blogs themslves? sorry!)

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