Stargate Costume

Halloween Costume- Stargate Atlantis Science Jacket

My daughter is a Stargate fan, so we decided to make her a uniform jacket from Stargate Atlantis for her halloween costume.  She’ll be able to use it as a regular jacket any time she wants.

stargate jacketstargate jacket

I bought a men’s small exercise jacket, champion brand.  I also bought an american flag patch from my local craft store, and a Stargate Atlantis patch online.  I looked at many different images from the show and decided to go with the first year’s uniform, which is a big panel, color coded for department (I chose science blue for my girl!)  Using newspaper I came up with a template.  I cut the panels out and then hemmed them.  DO NOT do this, instead, finish the edges by sewing them to black ribbon, it will be easier and look better. I didn’t have the black ribbon and tried to make do, and I don’t like the result.  If you have time, the uniform also has a forearm pocket.  I decided that it was unnecessary- it seems like a strange place for a pocket- every time you move your arm you would be rattling stuff around!

So here it is!  She’ll wear grey pants and her work boots, with a plain t-shirt underneath.  She’ll bring her phone and pretend to be scanning things.  I’m sure she’ll have to explain her costume to almost everybody, but she knows and is thrilled.  I’m thrilled she wants to be like Dr. Mckay and Dr. Weir and not some sex kitten thing.

stargate atlantis jacket

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