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Laundry Basket Robot Costume

robot costume

I tried a variation of the tried and true “cardboard box robot” costume, since my son is rough on his costumes.  I started with a pop-up laundry basket, since he loves putting it on his head and running around.  The original idea was that the basket would be usable after Halloween, but then we decided to make a head-hole, so that eliminated that.

head hole robot costumebasket armhole

I cut armholes out and reinforced them by sewing folded over ribbon pinched over the rough edges.  I cut out the head hole and reinforced the shoulders with a cardboard yoke, holding it in place with a piece of white cloth.

To make the inner panels I used poster paper cut to fit inside the basket.  I decorated it with construction paper, electric tape and markers.  I used a shiny gift bag for the metallic details  To keep the panels in place inside the basket, I stitched the top of the paper to the inside of the basket.

I’m hoping it will last through trick or treating!  Otherwise he’ll be wearing his costume from last year.

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  1. Too cute and so original. Also it will never get too hot and sweaty like the purchased plastic robot costumes do.

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