Pumpkins and Parties

I love halloween!  There are so many opportunities to be creative- costumes, decorations, food, and of course pumpkin carving.  I know some people who do the elaborate templates and spend hours whittling, cutting and shaping their creations, and I’m amazed and inspired by what can be created.  As you see above, I took my son’s design and went with it.  I also made a bat shape, which I will upload a picture of when I put a candle in on Halloween (if it hasn’t blown away in the storm!)  My daughter’s creation, below, reminds me of Japanese masks.  I think the yarn was a nice touch.

My friends had a fantasy-themed Halloween party this Saturday, mainly inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Pern and Harry Potter.  We had roast wherry, klah, bubbly pies, chocolate frogs and butterbeer.   Yum!  The chocolate frogs were piped meringue cookies dipped in chocolate.  I need to find out the butterbeer recipe my friends made- it was divine and involved a scoop of ice cream.  Wow.  The costumes were spectacular as well- we had Doctor Who, River Song, Menolly, a demon-hunter, Mrs. Weasley, Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas, little red riding hood, the big bad wolf and um, a Robert Jordon Wheel of Time character whose name escapes me.  I know there’s a lot of creativity involved in other holidays, but those focus on gift giving, which leaves you open for trying to please another person.  Halloween is creativity for its own sake, and I think it’s grand.  Tell me about your parties and pumpkins!

bubbly pies from Pern

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