Dice Pouch

   Last Minute Dice Pouch


Need a last minute gift?  Ifyou have cloth, needle, and thread you can make a dice bag.

Start with a long rectangle of cloth.

At each corner of the rectangle, fold in the sides about a 1/2 inch, sewing a straight line for about two inches on each corner.  This prevents fraying.


Fold over the top of one side(wrong sides together), and then fold in the raw edge.  Pin and sew along the hem, using either a straight stitch or a blanket stitch. You are making a tube for a drawstring or ribbon to go through, so make sure you have enough room when making your hem edge.


Repeat the procedure for the other side.


Fold the rectangle with right sides together, sew the seams along both sides.  Turn the pouch inside out.  Feed a ribbon through.  If you have trouble getting the ribbon to go through, tie it to a pen and slide that through.


Dice pouches can be used to hold many things besides dice:

  • change- fill them full of dollar coins!
  • small toys
  • small computer bits (usb cords, chargers, earphones)
  • cards
  • phone
  • small craft projects
  • glasses
  • pens
  • very small pets

(warning, some of these objects should not be combined in one pouch!)

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