Feeding Your Goals

Making Resolutions That Stick

Set yourself up for success by fueling your goals.  You’ve set down clear, measurable, realistic goals with a clear date for completion.  The next step is to gather up tools, support and information to keep them from flaring briefly and fizzling out.  Before you throw yourself into a sprinting frenzy, prepare yourself for a marathon instead.

  1. Go to your library catalog and request a pile of books on your goal’s topic.  If you have a writing goal, for example, check out books on writing, books by award winning authors in your chosen genre, and writing magazines.
  2. Go shopping for things that feed your goals.  Get stickers to mark exercise on your calendar, get a new pen or notebook, get art and craft supplies.  Buy little rewards to give yourself for doing the work of your action plan, and tuck them away for later.
  3. Find a supportive friend and ask them to email you about a month from now, when the novelty of working toward the goal has worn off.
  4. Use the enthusiasm you have now and write yourself an encouraging letter.  Write out why you want to achieve the goal and why it’s worth all the work you are doing.  Describe what it would be like to have accomplished your goal.
  5. Get out your calendar (don’t have one? see #2) and write in your deadline for your goal. Then go back and mark the halfway point and then the quarterly points.
  6. Have a computer file or paper notebook for tracking your progress, research, action plans and more.

Taking these steps (and any others you can think of specific to your needs) will help you stay motivated for the long haul.  Lastly, ask yourself the question-“How can I make going for this goal easier and more enjoyable?”

Tell me what you do to set yourself up for success and feed your goals.


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