Barnes and Noble Pubit

Self Publishing continued

I have extended my self-publishing experiment to Barnes and Noble’s Pubit.  (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t rhyme with cubit.)  As with Amazon, I had to set up an account.  They not only wanted my credit card information (which Amazon already had), but they also required a bank account for automatic deposits.  Amazon give the option of mailed checks.  Both programs asked for my social security number or business number (which I don’t have yet).  I am really trusting in their security.

Here’s the link:


Now I need to figure out how to promote this to people other than friends and family.  Ideas?



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  1. off the top of my head: share on facebook. start a business page on facebook as a writer and get everyone to like it and everyone they know to like it and keep posting about your book there. look into getting your own website with who gives you all sorts of google advertising and facebook advertising credits as part of the deal. put flyers up in your library that you wrote a book that’s available online. post it to your library webpage.
    more when i think of it! 🙂

  2. What about making a video about the book and putting it on youtube? Many people will watch something before they read a description. Might catch on. Don’t know.

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