Hobgoblin Hat

Sewing a Hob Hat

hobhatMy friend runs a live-action roleplaying game called Changling- it’s a fun game where you play fairies and magical creatures from fairyland.  Of course, fairyland isn’t always a pretty, happy place, and danger lurks in every corner.  Part of her running the game is playing Hobs, creatures from the Hedge that often give important information.  I made her a hat to help her role-play a hob.  I used the goblins from the movie Labyrinth as my inspiration.

I started by draping cloth over a ball to


get the right shape and form.  (Note: a red kick-ball is too big and I switched to a smaller one).  I used an old knit polo shirt of my husbands that was just the right shade of green.  I then made a tiny viking hat from a circle of grey felt, edging it with some black hemming ribbon, then sewing a strip of fake fur around the bottom of the hat.  The horns are made from white cloth, filled out with stuffing.  A piece of cloth made the nose- I used a teardrop shape, pinched the center and sewed that to form the ridge between nostrils, then pinned it in place, tweaking it around until it shaped up the nostrils.  I glued on googly eyes, a compromise because the eyes I made out of cloth just didn’t work.  I finished off by shaping the hat so that it could be put on something like a bandanna.  I also made an instruction card for the hob (do not taunt hob…).  My friend thought it was hilarious, and I’m hoping she uses it for the next game.

(Self-publishing Experiment update:  I’ve sold 10 copies of my ebook so far! )


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