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Dice Lists for Real Life

If you play roleplaying games (the old-fashioned face-to-face kind) you know about dice lists.  Lists for six-sided dice or twenty-sided dice (D6 or D20) are the most common and are used to help the game master come up with randomized monsters, treasure and events in the story of the game.

I’ve found them to be useful decision making tools.  You can create a numbered list for anything- fun things, books you want to read next, places to go, your to-do list, or favorite meals. The rules are, if you have already rolled the same number, roll again.

D6 of Exercise

  1. five minutes of squats
  2. treadmill
  3. leg lifts
  4. dumbbell arm exercises
  5. dancing
  6. push-ups

D20 of Chores

  1. clean toilet
  2. dishes
  3. laundry
  4. floor
  5. de-clutter small area
  6. errand you’ve been putting off
  7. surfaces (piles of stuff on tables, stairs)
  8. wipe down kitchen counters
  9. empty garbage cans
  10. clean all sinks and bathroom counters
  11. dishes
  12. clean out car
  13. paper- organize, shred, file, whatever
  14. laundry
  15. planning- calendars, special project organization, meals
  16. clean out fridge of expired stuff, wipe shelves
  17. pick a room, pretend a favorite celebrity will be visiting it in five minutes- go!
  18. floor
  19. de-clutter a small area
  20. take a 10 minute break, roll again


Tell me about how you bring gaming into your everyday life.  I’m investigating a dice list game called Morton’s Lists.

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