Year of Innovation

Groundhog Day

I’m going to make this short, because I’m sick.  I usually power through minor ailments, but this virus is kicking my butt.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  In order to grow and achieve, we have to be continuously learning, experiencing and experimenting.  Change is hard, but it is inevitable.  This is not to say that persistence is not important.  Persistence through challenge, when everyone is saying no, when nothing seems to work, is not the same as “doing the same thing and expecting different results”.  Sometimes the results come after hundreds of failures.  Sending out a manuscript to agent after agent until you find one who will represent you requires persistence, self-confidence and patience.  What would be crazy would be sending manuscript after manuscript to one agent.

Groundhog day is a good day to evaluate how the year is going so far, all those grandiose schemes and dreams meeting reality. It’s a time when you could feel discouraged, because no matter what the rodent does, we’re going to have at least 6 weeks more of winter where I live.  It’s time to look at the road blocks and figure out how to take them down (being sick, for example). Ask yourself good questions to see whether you need persistence or change, or maybe both.

Now I need a nap.



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