Tabletop Day

Play a game!

In honor of tomorrow, March 30th, being International Tabletop Day, I’ll discuss my favorite board and card games.  Unplug your children and friends and enjoy sitting around the table having fun.  Go visit your local game or book store and give  them your support.


Munchkin: the original card game has many spin-offs now, from horror to sci-fi.  You play a  loot-happy character from a roleplaying game and the first to get to level 10 wins.  It’s fun to support your friends at the start of the game, only to thwart them when they get close to winning.  Thwart thwart!  Here’s the game in action.

ah_prod_roborally_pic1_enRobo Rally: You play a computer running robots through mazes… sound familiar?  This board game requires strategy and knowing your left from your right.  I’d love to have this played on Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop and see Wil Wheaton holding up one hand and then the other, trying to set the program on his robot.

This card game has only one rule, draw one, play one. Until you put down another rule.  The rules change depending on what cards are played.  This game can be over in seconds or last for hours, and frankly it can be wonderful fun or just horribly frustrating.   Here’s the game in action.

Connect Four: A classic game, a quick play and a lot of fun with kids.

Uno: If I could only bring one game with me, this is the game I would bring.  It’s easy to play even when you’re distracted by chatting with your friends, it’s a good game to play with kids and your in-laws and the people who don’t like complicated games.  Play by matching color or number, make your opponents draw lots of cards and win by going out first.

Have a great game!

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