If I ruled the world…

To regain creativity, be a kid

Whenever you feel your creativity ebb, you should go hang out with some kids.  I worry that I am losing that sense of wonder, that awe in the world itself and all it has to offer.  I never declare a day “the best day ever!” anymore, or pause to really stop at look at something beautiful or unique.

We went to Disney World and my kids showed me that you shouldn’t talk yourself out of big ideas.  My son declared that he had “so fun” and that it was the best day ever.  My daughter explained that she hated “it’s a small world” because the world is huge and amazing, not small and petty (she really didn’t get what the makers of the ride were trying to get across, but that’s ok).  All these amazing things we saw, from giant displays to tiny details, took creative time, energy and care.  They started as a simple thought and were brought into life.  There was ephemeral art as well, works of culinary art that is created and  meant to be destroyed.  There was art in performances and transcendent customer service.  I need to pull inspiration from all of that art and creativity.  No matter where you are or what you do, it is possible to live your life artfully, to be creative in your day to day life, to think big ideas and small details and improve the world.

When I was 8 or so I used to play this game with another young dreamer.  We’d sit under a tree during recess and get pine tar on our clothes as we discussed in detail what we would do if we ruled the world.  His dreams often involved flying cars and lots of food, if I remember correctly.  If we ruled the world, there would be no math homework, we would live on a tropical island and play video games and we would have secret caverns and there would be world peace and we could move things with our minds.

Be brave.  Remember to keep thinking like a little kid.  Suspend your disbelief when you watch a movie.  Quiet down your inner critic when you have a big idea that might take a lot of work to complete.  Give yourself permission to fuss with small details that only a few would see.  If you are one of those few, it matters. Allow infinite possibilities. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, a dream that you wish will come true.


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  1. That’s a beautiful restroom in the picture. The best days are spent with my wife and family. no matter where.

  2. this really spoke to me. as a woman attempting to make her living at zen art and instilling the euphoric belief in others that they can and will improve their lives for the better, the idea that ‘transcendent customer service’ is an art form is quite inspiring. this post is the perfect foil to the Nothing that was creeping into me today. thank you for that.

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