3 Replies to “Borrowed Worlds”

  1. I’d say doing stuff for your own enjoyment is fine. If you’re using someone else’s creation to make money, you’ve crossed a line.

  2. I am a huge reader of fanfic — and I was stunned that Amazon was franchising it. But by my reading of it, it looks like the original creators get a cut too. If they agree to it, I would feel much better about paying for my guilty pleasure and knowing they’re getting something! I am really hoping the big authors go for it, though I must admit I can’t really imagine they will. But there is money to be made in fanfic, and maybe they’d be happy to make some money without any work. It’s not like the stories won’t be written if they don’t make money.

  3. This just skims the surface of a larger issue within the world of copyright infringement/ plagiarism that has major implications in academia & life. That aside, I like the way you laid this out. Parody is specifically excluded from copyright infringement. & money is a big issue. I think many artists are flattered. I embroider portraits. I don’t advertise them as portraits of specific people, but I do post them on my blog/ twitter, etc. If someone asked me to stop, I would. I create my own patterns, so a level of disconnect from the original image has been achieved. A certain amount of my creativity & talent have gone into the creation of something new. Therefore, I don’t believe my portraits are illegal or unethical.

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