Kid’s skeleton costume

Home-made skeleton costume



  • glow-in-the-dark fabric paint (optional)
  • black thermal underwear your child’s size
  • sheets of white felt- (I used 5)
  • needle and thread, pins
  • For mask- white flannel, a piece of elastic, a small amount of pillow fluff, embroidery thread, needle and regular thread.

I was not able to find black footy pajamas, and buying a shirt and pants seemed expensive for something he will only wear once, so I was very happy to see the thermal underwear.  The disadvantage of this is that he can’t wear it over other clothes.

After laying it out, I was able to estimate what size the bones should be.  It was very tempting to try to make exact, anatomical bones, but it is much simpler to just go with a cartoonish style when cutting out felt!

Cut out the bones out of the sheets of white felt and pin in place on the thermal underwear.    Hand-sew them on.  Be sure to put something inside the clothes to avoid accidentally sewing all the way through ( I used a rolled up magazine for the arms and legs).

pin on felt bones


Outline the edges of the bones in the fabric paint and let it dry out of reach of meddling kids and their dog.

The mask was made by cutting out two pieces of white flannel (it was actually white with blue stars, but I used the plain side).  Cut the eye holes generously.  Sew it right sides together, leaving a side open.  Turn right side out and stuff lightly.  Sew the open side.  Sew a piece of elastic to go around the back of your child’s head (measure to fit).  I decided to decorate the mask in the style of Mexican Day of the Dead.  If you are looking for designs online, use the keywords calaveras and Dia De Los Muertos.  Anyone who has more experience with embroidery would have done a better job.  Another idea would be to sew or glue on decorations to the mask.

skull mask

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