Sci-Fi Halloween Party

Fun Sci-fi party ideas

My friends put together a fun Sci-fi themed Halloween party.  (Thanks for letting me share the ideas!)  They put a lot of work and creativity into the event.


Fish fingers and custard (from Doctor Who).  One of the “custards” was a delicious honey mustard sauce, but regular custard was available for the hardcore fans. My son had seconds.  Other offerings were klingon Gahk (spaghetti), Peeta’s cheese rolls, and Vulcan vegetable soup.  There were also “tribbles”, coconut covered cookies.

Fish fingers and custard


“Alien” fruit.  One of the guests stopped by an asian market and picked up several types of  unusual tropical fruit.  It looked like something straight out of a movie.

alien fruit


Star Trek cake- one of the episodes from Star Trek the next generation featured the character Deanna Troi as a cake in a dream sequence.

star trek Deanna Troi cake


Party games:

One of the games was “have you ever?”  Questions were called out and players moved ahead one space in a circle if they knew the answer.  The person went around the full circle won the game.  Questions/statements were things like “I have seen all episodes of Stargate Atlantis.” and “What are the names of two Doctor Who actors?”

My favorite game was “guess the starship.”  My friend made a poster covered with outlines of thirteen different space ships.  Players wrote down their  guesses and the person who guessed the most correctly won.

guess the spaceshipguess the spaceship poster


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