Book Cover Design

People judge books by their covers

As a Librarian, I stare at hundreds of book covers a day, not only in our collection but in book review journals, online reviews, book stores, Goodreads and Pinterest.  I know that a great book won’t get checked out by browsers if it has an ugly cover.  A cover has to do many things, including conveying genre, target audience and tone.

An ebook cover has to do even more.  I started working on ideas for my work in progress, Name Quest.  At first I tried sketching out a scene from the book, but realized that when it was rendered down to a thumbnail, it would be hard to see clearly.  An ebook cover should be readable at thumbnail size.  Many great print book covers would become too busy or unreadable when rendered down.  I decided to convey the tone (lighthearted fantasy) with a doodle background and the three main characters’ faces.  This is my first sketch, it’s not quite right yet.  I especially want to redo the character on the right.  I’m trying to decide if the final cover should be painted, done as computer art, or kept as colored pencils.

drawing name quest

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  1. I dunno, I think the penciling makes it unusual, which could draw attention. However, I do have a quibble: from the cover alone, I can’t tell that this is fantasy,

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