Do the Scary Things

rollercoasterTaking the next step

I’ve been invited to join a writing group and I’m both excited and scared.  I’ve technically been part of a writing group for years, but we’re 99% online and we hardly ever workshop our writing with each other.  This group meets face to face every month and members read and give feedback to each other’s work.  They seem nice (otherwise I wouldn’t even consider it).

Joining an active writer’s group is the next step in my development as a writer.  I am pushing myself past my reluctance because I know I need feedback to keep growing.

I just came back from meeting them for the first time and I’m really glad I went.

Maybe there’s something similar you’ve been meaning to do with your own creative endeavors?  Perhaps you’ve been meaning to set up an Etsy shop, take a class, submit a manuscript, join that club or paint that mural.  Do it.  Without the scary things, your life never moves forward, it either stalls out or goes in circles.

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  1. I joined a blog-hop last week & I have gained so many followers that I feel an obligation to post more. I received so many compliments on my embroidery. That was very helpful because I was beginning to doubt myself. Funny how you crave validation from strangers regarding your art/craft…

    Glad you broke out of that comfort zone & went to the writing group!

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