Looking for input

Preparing for launch: covers and beta readers

I am about to launch my next book, please let me know if you are interested in being a beta reader.  The great thing about self publishing ebooks is that you can create a second edition at any time.

I’m trying to put together a cover that looks professional, but my artwork is um, well, primitive is a nice word for it.  I now understand why most DIY is done with photographs.

drawing name questcovernamequesttrialcoverThis last one is cleaner looking, but doesn’t explain the book enough, even if I add in a pirate ship floating in the distance.  I’ve got to pick something, but if I start earning money on this I am going to get a real cover designer.

Update 5/9/14– I combined the two covers together (using Gimp).



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  1. Perhaps there also needs to be something which hints at the theme. Are the apparently different nationalities/attributes of the pictured women related to the quest or action? Maybe a subtitle? Something to grab you, which I think your artwork does better than the photo.

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