Dragoncon 2014- shh, everyone!

Dragoncon (Get off my lawn!)


This year I brought my whole family to Dragoncon.  There were over 62,000 people there, and it showed.  What happens is each year, everyone who attended tells their friends what an awesome time they had, and offers to split room costs for next year.  So more people come each year.

This is completely irresponsible.  We need to keep Dragoncon a secret.  So, all 62,000 of us need to tell everyone not to go.  The celebrities need to stop saying that this convention is better than Comiccon or PAX.  We need to stop posting pictures of all the fabulous costumes, referencing Dragoncon tv, talking about the wonderful panels, workshops and concerts, and generally saying it was the best four days of your year.

Sooo, um.  Complain about the heat, the lines.  Mention missing panels, or being woken by drunken screaming at 1 am. ( I did actually have a nightmare induced by the noise that people were flinging themselves off the balconies at the Hyatt.)  Tell about getting a fairy wing in your eye, or the time you got stuck in an elevator with 3 Deadpools, a man with spiky armor and 8 other people.  Dragoncon has reached capacity.  I think they’ve taken over every hotel in the entire city of Atlanta at this point.  Stop gathering new recruits.

…..counting down the days until Dragoncon 2015.


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  1. I met a guy on the plane who had a hotel room 1.5 miles away – “It was fine, totally walkable” – so you might be right about it taking over every hotel in the entire city!

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