Small Victories and acknowledging the good




When I reach the end of a roll of barcodes, I take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment.  Each roll holds a thousand barcodes.  I do not share cataloging duties with anyone else, so when I complete a roll, that means that I have personally added a thousand items into our library collection.

My friend posted on Facebook something really brave- she acknowledged progress on her personal journey of self-improvement.  She’s lost weight, got a degree, tried new things, got out there and became a runner.  Taking a moment to step back and say “hey, I did that” is a wonderful thing.  It’s not bragging or crying for attention, that sounds different.  It’s not counting your blessings or expressing gratitude, although those are commendable things.  This kind of stating of deeds done is a counter-weight to all the negativity, the self-hate and the frustration of every day life.

It doesn’t have to be a great deed you acknowledge, and it doesn’t even need to be shared.  It could be as simple as stopping and looking at that basket of laundry you just folded, or the dinner you just made.  It could be taking a picture of the craft you just finished, or keeping track of your word count for writing.  You did that.  Like a child holding up a creation and shouting “ta-da!”, revel in your work done.  Achievement unlocked.  No false modesty.  You don’t hold back the punches acknowledging failure and regret, so don’t be ashamed to pat yourself on the back for a change.

So friends, stop and look back on your week, and find something you have completed.  Celebrate it.  Can’t think of anything?  Well, you survived the week!  Congratulations.


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