Library craft book

Book of Librarian Crafts

I’m starting a new project, with the working title of “Librarian Crafts.”

My idea is to have sections with different categories:

  • pre-school story-time crafts
  • school age crafts
  • crafts for adults using books and other library-themed items

The trick to that will be keeping it focused and not just a loose collection of unrelated things.  My instructions need to be consistent in style, illustration and tone.   I need to research a bunch of things: how to do layout, what constitutes original and not plagiarized craft ideas, how to take professional looking shots of my crafts and what comparable books look like in length.  I also need to make lists of crafts and decide what is going into the book.  Should I include (with permission) pictures of other people’s crafts?

Dear readers, I would love your input.  Tell me about what you think of the concept, what crafts you feel should be in the book, and ideas for putting the book together.

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  1. The crafts should also include some simple electroncics things like lighting a lightbulb or led. wouldn’t it be cool to build a light up button to wear?

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