Five Things to Do With A Sheet of White Felt

P1110552Felt Crafting

So I found a pile of white felt and gave myself a challenge- make five things with it.

1. Adipose.  From Doctor Who.  “The fat just walks away!” I used this pattern.


2. Dove ornament.  I eyeballed this pattern.  I made the wings and body two-sided, and added a strip along the belly.  I discovered I really should study how to embroider before doing it.


3. Baymax.  From Big Hero 6. I invented this one by looking at a drawing.  If I do something like this again, I’ll make a paper pattern first.  My husband teased me that I have no sense of proportion.  I used embroidery floss for the eye/mouth.


4. Olaf.  I am not happy with this one.  His face just isn’t right.  I think googly eyes would have worked better, and his mouth should be even wider.


5. Tooth pillow.  A little pocket to leave out for the tooth fairy!  The pocket is edged with a blanket stitch of embroidery floss.


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