Simple sports team ornaments from felt

Yankees and Celtics felt ornaments

I made Celtics and Yankee ornaments for my nephews.  (Note, make absolutely sure you know what the recipient’s favorite teams really are!)

Look up the logos.  Usually teams have a simplified version of their logo.  Obviously, this logo is trademarked and can’t be used for resale.  I found good images on Pinterest to help me.

Start by cutting out two circles of felt in the base color.  Make a smaller circle to go on the front of the ornament, and cut out elements of the logo.  Sew all the logo pieces onto the small circle with embroidery floss (using blanket stitch), then sew the small circle onto one of the larger circles.  Put the two large circles right sides together and sew almost all the way around, leaving an opening.  Turn the ornament right side out.  The felt was thick enough that I decided not to put stuffing into it, I merely sewed the little opening shut with a ladder stitch.  Attach a piece of embroidery floss onto the top of the ornament and make a hanging loop.

By the time I got to making one for my dad I was good at it, but for complicated designs like the elaborate “B” for the Boston Red Sox, I would recommend using an exacto knife and cutting board. Currently my craft room is under repair, so I was unable to utilize that.  I don’t have a picture of the Red Sox one.

Any requests for more?  I think I’m becoming a felt crafter- it is fun to hand sew, and with felt you don’t have to worry about edges.

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