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Making a Quote Print


As a librarian, I am sometimes overwhelmed by discarded books, books that no one wants, that no one has looked at in more than five years.  I feel like I have to preface this craft by saying that, because some people see books as sacred objects, never to be sullied.  I instead see books as potential craft supplies.

To make a print page, create the quote or image you want on your favorite program (I used Pages).  Measure the size of the page you are printing on to, and set that on your program.

The easiest way to get a page out of a book is to carefully run a box-cutter along the seam.  Remove any glue that comes with the cut before printing.


Place the page carefully in your paper feeder.  Every printer is different.  Some will take the smaller size easily, while other printers will be ornery.  Run the print, and there you go!

If you are a nervous Nelly or want to line up the quote just right on a particular page, print it out on regular paper, put on top of your page and then hold up to the light to preview before printing.  Frame your quote for a nice accent for an office.



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  1. I did need a paper bag to help my hyperventilating from the idea of intentionally cutting up books for art, though I suppose I can understand being buried in discarded books. The end result looks good.

  2. it’s funny – i a box of old books hidden away that i’ve wanted to do something artistic with for years (trust me – i’ve read them – they’d be better as art!) but this one is a new one on me! thanks for the idea!!!

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