Sewing Room Makeover

Organizing a Creative Space

There’s nothing like a domestic disaster to make you reorganize your stuff.  We had a water heater fail and flood our basement, where my sewing supplies were.  We took that problem as an opportunity to rehaul our stuff.  My husband pulled all his boxes of office supplies, old technology and equipment, and made himself a little tech workshop.  I took the opportunity to move my sewing area.


When setting up my new area, I asked myself some basic questions that helped me to decide what to put in there.

  • Is it useful for sewing?
  • If it’s just decorative, does it make me happy when I look at it?
  • Does the way I’m setting this up work with or fight against my habits?
  • What can I do to make it easier to find things and put things away?

I put away my scrapbooking materials, which I haven’t used in years, and found homes for my miniatures painting supplies.  I put all the little scraps of cloth into one bin, and folded the rest of my cloth over cardboard, putting it “spine up” to make it easier to see what I have and get it when I need it.


This room is shared with my son for a play area, and I worked with him to sort out his toys, saving what he actually plays with and weeding out unwanted items to be donated.

I was looking forward to using my new space, but then the basement heat stopped working.  Guess I need to wait a little longer.  Or perhaps bundle up.


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