Take Your Child to the Library (that’s an order!)

Take Your Child to the Library Day


Actually, most children’s librarians would elongate that to “Please take your child to the library every week or at least once a month because that’s the way they become lifelong readers and learners”, but TYCttLD is plenty long enough.  It’s the first Saturday of February, this year February 7th.  The idea came from Nadine Lipman, a children’s librarian from Waterford, CT.  Now it’s celebrated in over 600 libraries in three different countries.

This event is an open house, encouraging parents to see what libraries have to offer.  Yes, books, of course books.  That’s usually not a surprise.  What many parents are not aware of is the “everything else” of libraries.  The other materials, such as videos, music, e-books, games, magazines, audiobooks, and even devices.  The events, such as Zumba classes, movie nights, story-times, employment help, computer classes, health programs, cooking sessions, book clubs, tax help, citizenship classes, performers and lectures. We can do faxes and copies, usually cheaper than an office supply store.  Not to mention providing meeting space for other community organizations to hold their programs.  Then there’s the educational toys for the little ones to play with, the internet-free computer for the elementary kids to use, the internet connected computer for older students to complete assignments with, and the free wifi.  Oh, and we have books, too!

As a parent with kids who are getting a little stir-crazy, having a place to go that doesn’t involve buying something is wonderful.  Some of the parents that come in are timid, afraid of the library.  They see it as a place to be quiet, to be serious, a place only “A” students go.  That’s unfortunate, since we are more like a community center, a hub providing local resources and referrals.  Your child doesn’t have to whisper, and we understand if they wander off during story-time.  We want you to feel welcome.  Every day is bring your child to the library day, it’s not an exception to a rule like “take your child to work day” is.

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