Think like a kid

Getting Inspiration From Kids (or what to do when you have cabin fever)



We were homebound for a week during the winter break.  Cabin fever was setting in.  When I had a chance I was woking on my writing, but I was struggling to make progress.  I was rescued by my 6 year old.  He climbed into my lap when I was listlessly browsing Pinterest, and demanded activity ideas.  He loved the cardboard creations I had pinned, and we worked on making a castle together.  He drew where he wanted me to cut windows.

When the castle was finished was when the real creativity began.  I sat back and watched.  The castle was populated, becoming a bustling place.  They were having a jewelry show.  The people were having issues reaching different levels of the castle, so they invented different “inators” to help them to get where they wanted to go.  A rockinator to go up, a bananainator to go down.  They had a movie theater (his Kindle) to watch movies.

The next day, a bad guy attacked the castle.  I came in the room to hear “say goodbye to your beautiful castle!” as the walls tumbled around the unlucky gem merchants, movie goers and soldiers.  It was a sad day for the people, but they will rebuild and recover from this tragedy.






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  1. Seriously, I love how many floors the castle has, and all the activities (gem merchants?!) and OMG the ending. But really, once you build something, isn’t knocking it down the most fun thing to do? Over here my visiting 8-year-old cousin built a robot out of my recycling bin contents. And wanted to know why my dict tape had flamingos on it. (My answer: “It’s Sandy’s.” He seemed totally satisfied with the idea that Sandy would have flamingos, apparently it’s just unusual for me.)

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