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Today is AMOK, the Annual Melee of Kindness.  Go forth and perform random acts of kindness.  Even if all you do today is avoid being mean, you will make the world a better place.

This made me start thinking about my creative friends.  I hope they won’t mind me mentioning them (I don’t think any of them are in witness protection).9220483454_324bde1580_z

I’ve already mentioned Aprilsongstress, who does amazing red work embroidery.

Then there’s Sandra Quigley of Quigley’s cakes.  Her superhero wedding cake (which has gotten a lot of attention on my blog) was one of her first!

10274154_798282253549763_3371614770224901029_nMy friend Scott is an artist and does amazing murals and comic book art.

Wayne’s latest creative endeavor is to invent his own table-top roleplaying game, including a new rules system, called Modern Tomes.

Julie is a playwright and her plays have been performed locally, and last year she won Excellence in Writing for her play “Luc” by the Theater Association of NY State.

Kathleen is a multiple award-winning journalist who is becoming a historical novelist.

Missy is a member of my online writing group, Carpe Libris, and has sold many stories.  She has mastered flash fiction and is a regular contributor to Daily Science Fiction.

Some friends need to send me their creations for me to showcase here, like Jay’s woodworking or Carl’s Jedi costume.  I haven’t read any writing from Laura, Manna, Asha or Elizabeth.

I realized as I was writing this that some friends will read my blog and think, I’m not on here, I must not be creative.  Robyn, I’m looking at you.  Yes, you are creative, I’ve seen you working on stained glass projects, ceramics and painting projects…. Anyway, everyone is creative somehow.  Lillian put together an amazing Pi day party and is a creative cook.  Crystal jumps into her characters while gaming and brings them to life. Christie is not only a talented cake artist, but she also embodies the spirit of AMOK and practices random acts of kindness all year. Thank you all for being my friends, for being loving, kind people who improve the world by living in it.

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  1. Yay! I made the cut! I wish I had read this earlier so I could’ve done some random acts of kindness. I don’t check my email on weekends anymore.

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