Gauge Matters in Knitting



I made two sets of baby booties for two different babies.  It is a perfect illustration of why gauge is important.  When you are following knitting patterns, the yarn and needle size can complete change (or screw up) your project.  It took me so long to realize that!  Yarn is yarn, right?  Wrong.

So here I used the same yarn, the same exact pattern, with only one adjustment, I used larger needles.  Booty number one is done with U.S. size 1, and booty number two is done with U.S. size 3.  So takeaway point here is that you shouldn’t substitute anything in a pattern without adjusting for this difference.

These are done flat (I really struggle with knitting in the round) and then seamed.  Here’s the pattern from Ravelry.  The one problem I had with the pattern was understanding that the increase stitches were included in the count, once I figured that out, it was much easier!


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