Knitted Braided Ball

Gevlocten Bal- Braided Ball

knit braided ball

The pattern is on Ravelry.

This is a great “on-the-road” pattern, or a way to get rid of leftover yarn.  I used the basic worsted weight acrylic yarn (Red Heart) that I’d had sitting around from other projects.  It’s best if all the yarn you use is the same thickness, otherwise, use whatever you have. All you have to do is make six strips in stockinette stitch.  They naturally curl into tubes.

knitted strips

On my first attempt, I made the loops too large.  This ball can be salvaged by stuffing the middle.  The pattern gives an equation using pi to determine the length of the strips, and I ignored it.  The second time, I made the strips seven inches long, and that was just right for my yarn (12 stitches on size U.S. 3 needles).  The hardest part of this project is placing the last two strips- make absolutely sure you’ve got it right before sewing them together.

braided ball mistakebraided ball good and bad

You could make this into a cat toy by putting a jingle-ball or catnip (or both) in the middle.  It’s also a nice baby or toddler toy.

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  1. It’s a great car toy! Because the baby likes to THROW balls, but this ball can’t hurt anything when it is thrown. Unfortunately, that means you’re constantly searching for it in the car, but still…

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