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My simple Lego party was a success!  The only thing I’d have done differently would be to have more food.

Lego gunship

The Lego company donated a box to our library, and all the libraries in our area.  At first we thought the bags with specific parts were kits, but then we realized none of them were complete or had instructions.  Since it came with a poster that said “Calling All Master Builders” I figured out that these random parts were for whatever creations kid’s imaginations could come up with, just like the Master Builders in the Lego movie.  I put out the bags of parts and told the kids to go to town.  Some of the creations were amazing, and everyone had a blast.

Side story: I did write to Lego when I discovered that I had a huge bag of bodies and legs, but no heads.  The outreach representative was very pleasant and sent me a box of heads in the mail.  I now had way too many.  So I contacted the other libraries in my system.  It was the most delightful email thread ever, entitled “I have a bag of heads”.  I sent heads to ten other libraries through our courier (apparently the same lack of heads occurred in the other donation boxes).  (Our youth services coordinator said she loved my email “heading”.  Groan.)  I don’t say this often, but it was great to send bags of heads to my peers.

I had the kids color their own Lego figure page.  I then went around the room and had each child put together their own figure from a box that just had figure parts and accessories.  We had two tables, with a big box of basic bricks in the center of each table, and we passed around boxes with specialized pieces.  I put the flat bases scattered around the table.  I didn’t have to prompt anyone for ideas, they just started creating at that point.  If you do have a reluctant teen or adult, suggest making a mural or picture on a base. I walked around and made sure everyone was sharing, and found that they were collaborating, asking each other for pieces, and showing each other their work.

Lego party tableLego party decorations

Lego face stencils link.

There are many amazing books out there- how-to books, art books, graphic novels made with pictures of builds.  I put them out on display to be checked out. I decorated yellow cups and bags with Lego faces, and served Cheese-its and Lego brick treats (Rice Krispie squares with 6 M+M’s each).  At the end of the party, I let each child take home one Lego figure, in their bag.  Next time I’ll serve pizza too.

When the builders finished their masterpieces, I made sure to take pictures of them to put on the library website and Facebook page.

The bigger libraries have expanded this basic get-together, using Lego Mindstorm kits that create programmable robots.  Another idea is to have each child make a vehicle and then run them down a track (we didn’t have enough wheels).

Lego creations

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