10 things I learned from #GISHWHES

11267855_10203285720663909_640726525462153337_nThe Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World has ever seen has just finished, and as I clear away the piles of paper lists, notebooks, craft supplies and random household objects, I reflected on my experience.  I was on team hugtheelbowsandhedgehogs.  We have no idea how well we did, but we completed 51 items (points will be assigned later when the entries are evaluated).

Ten things I learned from GiSHwhes:

  1. No one can do it all.  It is better to do a few things “whole ass” than to do too many “half-ass”.
  2. Doing ludicrous things is a bonding experience
  3. Some things are harder than you think, and trying them makes you appreciate the skill needed for a well made work of art, photograph or hand-made item more.
  4. Letting go is ok.
  5. Life is short and you need to find joy every day.
  6. Don’t assume you can’t do something just because you’ve never done it before.
  7. Accept your son’s love for a hitchbot, even though you know it won’t last.
  8. Appreciate the people who play along, they are what makes the world a wonderful place.
  9. Don’t let your daughter apply makeup and take a picture without looking in a mirror, even if it’s zombie makeup.
  10. The points don’t matter, the experience does.


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