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Dragoncon Notes

I had a crazy week after Dragoncon, as my kids started school the day after we got back, but now I’m jotting down notes before the memories fade.

Things I want to do differently:

  • Don’t bother packing entertainment beyond a device.  I didn’t need crafts, books, notebooks or other forms of entertainment.  The only time I wanted to read was when all my room-mates were asleep early in the mornings, where reading an ebook was better.
  • Make one costume, and start now, because you will be too embarrassed to show a poorly made costume amongst all the amazing ones.
  • Set up your day bag with water bottle, camp stool and anything you need for the entire day.  Waiting 30 minutes for an elevator to get lunch is just miserable.
  • Standing or sitting on the ground makes my knees ache, bring a stool.
  • Make a “can’t miss” list of guests, activities and friends to see.
  • try to get a later flight so you can stay up all night on Sunday
  • Write down when events are going to be broadcast on Dragoncon TV.  If you are in the very back of the giant auditorium, you’re watching it on tv anyway.
  • Going all the way through the tunnels to the Hilton means you only have to walk one flat block to the Sheraton.
  • The Subway at Peachtree Center doesn’t have the good bread.  The wrap place puts croutons in their ceasar wrap.
  • Definitely buy from CVS again, preferably on Thursday.
  • The Aquarium was a lot of fun, go early to get in line, buy tickets at home.  The bus leaves from the back of the Marriott around 6.
  • Don’t try to take pictures behind someone taking picturesP1110714
  • If you see someone you want to take pictures of, ask them, let them pose, and put your flash on!
  • Ask a group if you can take a picture of them having lunch at the food court- it would make a funny scene.
  • Write a script for a music video, plan it in advance with friends.

Favorite Quotes from Dragoncon (some may be paraphrased):

  • “Felicia Day makes people leave the Hyatt.” ( A friend, saying that she’s worth going to another hotel to see even if you’re exhausted.)
  • Friend: “I’m giving up John Barrowman.”  Me: “What, for lent?”
  • “My book could kill someone. Not that you should.”-  Felecia Day
  • “I like fans better than people.”- Friend
  • “You could do an intricate story, but really I want to make readers flip tables.”-  Jim Butcher
  • When asked what was the scariest monster on Sleepy Hollow, star Nicole Behave looked apologetically at the monster effects person and said it was the coin that made people their worst selves.  “It’s PEOPLE! People are scary!”
  • Audience member to Arrow cast: “What’s it like working with John Barrowman?”  Stephen Arnell’s chair falls apart (a wheel came out) and John leapt up to grab the lost wheel, giggling madly and running around behind the cast.  “Like that.” Stephen replied.

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  1. I totally agree on packing lunch. But the habitrails were so crowded that I think it was faster to walk around the hotels outside. I tried it both ways, but I suppose scientifically we need to run a race at the same time to see which way is really faster.
    I am totally up for a music video if you can give it to me awhile in advance. I need to plot it into my schedule with the programs.

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