Things I made #create

So now I’ve given out my gifts I can show off some of my creations.  I forgot to take a picture of the bird I made, and I wasn’t happy with the panda, but here’s the rest:

IMG_4435I made a lot of paper snowflakes.  I tried out some of the fancy star wars ones as well as the basic type, and learned (or maybe relearned) the best way to fold the paper.  We had paper and scissors out for teens to make snowflakes at our library, and one time I was asked to come out and give instructions.


I made a lot of felt items, including a cloth book for a small child.  I had a lot of fun designing the pages, which included a zipper tent, moving cars and hair to braid.  I made a felt BB-8, which proved to be a bit tricky because I couldn’t IMG_4601quite figure out how many circles he has ( I later checked on a licensed toy- it’s 6).  I made a TARDIS eyeglass case, and since it wasn’t a toy for a baby, I tried out a new technique, printing out the signs and then sewing a piece of packaging plastic over them.



IMG_4667I put together a marble maze for my son, which was like a puzzle in that there was a specific way to put it together piece by piece.  (If you are considering getting one for your child, get one that can be put together any way you want).  It was strangely satisfying when I finally got it together and sent the marble through.

I was also learning how to use a 3D printer (I’m still learning).  We are putting together a maker-space for our library.  I made a robot and a bracelet, and also a bunch of rookie mistakes.  For some reason, following the directions given by the manufacturer is not the best strategy, and beware of any article that uses “just simply”  There is no “just simply” in 3D printing.

IMG_4592 IMG_4599 IMG_4568

So, what have you been making?

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  1. I am not brave enough to let KB unbraid the hair so she can try to braid it. Maybe I’ll let Momma do that. But she loves taking the bear in and out and moving the cars. She does not like racing the car against me, since that means both cars move at once. She now brings me the book so I can unzip the tent so she can get to the bear. You will be responsible for all the things she gets into when this teaches her how to unzip things! 🙂

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