Leap Day Frog Craft

Leap Day!

I like to have a “make and take” craft at our library during school break.  This year is a leap year, so I put up a sign explaining what leap year was, and put out this frog craft.  Leap day always reminds me of the Pirates of Penzance.  “Leaplings” (people born on leap day) need to specify in any contracts related to their age that their birthday is on March 1 for non-leap years.  Anyway…

Frog craft  (Ages 3 and up.)

  • Small paper plate
  • Party blow-out (remind children not to share these- if you put your mouth on it, it’s yours now, don’t put it back in the bag!)
  • Green construction paper
  • Green crayon or marker
  • scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • White paper
  1. Fold paper plate in half.  Color the top of the folded plate green.
  2. IMG_4885Cut a hole in the center of the plate at the fold to put the blower in.  Insert the blower and tape it down if necessary.
  3. Fold the green construction paper.  Put the frog outline on the fold, trace it with the pencil, then cut it out. (sorry, I didn’t provide the template, please use the picture to eyeball it depending on the size of your plate)IMG_4884
  4. Cut out two eye shapes
  5. With the gluestick, glue the bottom of the plate to the unfolded frog outline. IMG_4887
  6. Paste two white circles near the top of each eye shape.  Draw the letter “I” in the circles.
  7. Fold the eye shapes in half.  Paste the eye shapes to the top of the plate so that the eyes are sticking up.

Play with your frog.  Happy Leap day!IMG_4888

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