Coloring book for grown-ups- Mommy Coloring Time

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Sometimes Mommy is the one that needs a time out.

So I made a coloring book for frazzled moms.  Whether you have another job or are at home with your kids,  being a parent is not for wimps.  Art therapy can help you relax by going into a trance-like state, focusing only on the project in front of you.  I certainly found that when I started making this coloring book- I hadn’t drawn so much in years, and I found it fun, even exciting, to create these designs for people to color.watermarked sleep wand
Some of the designs are wishful thinking, like a sleep wand, a hammock in the woods, a sunny beach or a clutter-cleaning robot.  Some of the designs are abstract.

I, being a librarian, started studying different types of patterns, artists and cultural designs.  I got out a book about art deco artist Alphonse Mucha , went back to one of my favorite artists, Escher, and created a tessellation of socks, researched rangoli and henna patterns, and pulled out books about zentangles.  MOMMY COLORING TIME is available at Amazon.

Are you into adult coloring books?  What designs do you like best?


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