Math story-time for Pre-K #STEAM

For Librarians Who Secretly Wish it was “S.T.E.A.” and not S.T.E.M…

When I was asked to do a math-related program as part of a S.T.E.M. grant, I freaked out.  Math has been my nemesis since third grade, when I realized that I could not do quick calculations in my head, or for that matter, slow calculations.  Science, I could do- fun experiments, facts about animals, space and machines, that was easy.

Do a story-time for preschoolers, my grant coordinator urged.  Basic math, like shapes, counting…  I remembered to breathe.  Ok.


I did a little research, and my eye stopped at a picture of dice.  Dice?  That was math?  I slapped my forehead.  Hello!  Gamer!  Reading dice uses a skill called subitizing, where you can look at a collection of items and know the number without having to count each one. Jane's Folly Library Race boardgame  I put together a take-home kit for the kids (I visited our local pre-school) with a printed game-board* I designed, one die, and a flyer about our library.

Books read:
  • One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab by April Sayre- counting by feet.  A snail has one foot, and a crab has ten!
  • How Many Jellybeans? by Andrea Minotti.  Could you eat a million jellybeans?  You might change your mind after you see
    how many that really is!

one is a snailHow many Jelly Beans?






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