Library Olympics #onyourmarkgetsetread

4353114920_e23c078835Library Olympics

We started off the summer reading program with Library Olympics! This year the theme is “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” with an emphasis on sports.



First, opening ceremonies.  I really wanted the high school band to play, but they were not able to make it.  We settled for a parade around the library with a decorated book cart, ribbon streamers and music.  We hired a balloon twister who made us all fabulous hats.  The Friends of the Library served hot dogs, lemonade and desserts.


  • book cart race
  • boat races
  • badminton
  • figure skating
  • obstacle course
  • hula hoop challenge
  • balloon challenge
  • javelin throw
  • figure skating

Figure skating was a craft.  Using stock paper, we made a figure, then attached it to a magnet.  With another magnet underneath a sheet of paper, you can move your skater around.  For our rink, I repurposed a buffet heater stand.


P1120696The boat races were in a kiddy pool .  We made pool noodle boats with straw masts and foam sheet sails.  I sliced the noodles up ahead of time, so the only tools needed for this craft were scissors and a hole punch.

Note: if you plan to play badminton in a library, buy lots of birdies.


The javelin throw target was a small hula hoop suspended between the shelves.  The javelin was half a pool noodle.  (I use a lot of pool noodles!)

For our book cart races, we put golf and ping-pong balls on the cart (after fashioning a cardboard rim for the edges).  When testing it, I wondered if I had made it too easy, nothing fell off when I zipped around.  No fear.  Apparently the corners were the tricky part.  We had our athletes do four laps around the shelves while we timed them, with the best time being the winner.


We gave out trophies and medals to all our athletes.  All in all, I think everyone had a blast!  A good way to start the summer.

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