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Tour of Libraries: William K Sanford Town Library (AKA Colonie Library)

The William K Sanford Town Library, next door to the Times Union Newspaper building, lies at the end of Wolf Road, a shopping/restaurant destination for the Albany area, and close to the Albany airport.  When approaching from Wolf Road you have to make a slingshot around a roundabout.

From what I can tell, this low brick building is technically one story, with a second story wedged in by sheer willpower.  They have done a lot to make what they have attractive and useful, but it could really do with a renovation. (Update: They are planning renovations. “We will be repairing the roof, then renovating. We will moving departments to better use our space, and we’ve been getting input from the community,” said Library Director Evelyn Neale ) As I was trying to take pictures, I found it difficult because there were people everywhere, tucked into every nook and cranny, reading, studying, working on laptops, tutoring and browsing.

They have a beautiful garden patio at the entrance of the building.

The teen area has its own computers, a lounge and separate collection of movies and audiobooks.  It seemed to be having a roof leak on the day I came in.

A rack of brochures about teen issues was discretely placed in a corner for private browsing, and there were also displays about suicide prevention with hotline information.

The second floor of the main room of the library doesn’t appear to have wheelchair access. Tall people could reach up and touch the ceiling.



Looking down from second floor to circulation desk.



The signage on the second floor was very helpful. I think every desk on the second floor was in use (one woman even had a blanket and was ready for serious studying).

Magazines can be circulated and it has clear signage explaining how.



I don’t know what’s going on with the science fiction section.  It has been shunned from the rest of the genres, which are at one side of general fiction, and has been placed with travel books.  Oddly, one shelf of “A” stands alone, followed by empty shelves, then it continues.  While there was a lot of signage about other collections in the library, this was not explained.  (“You caught us mid-project!” said the Director) The magazine area has seating with signage that it is a designated quiet area.

The children’s area has been recently updated, the shelves moved to make a play area and a better traffic flow.  I like it!  I also liked the lego-themed decorations for “Build a Better World”.  They had some inspiring displays for how to put the word out about their program.    

Next to the children’s area was a small courtyard completely surrounded by the building but open to the sky.  While I was there, a little boy and girl squealed with delight and talked back and forth to each other through the tube.

I think I need to do a little digging to find out a few things, like who was William K Sanford and what is going on with the teen room’s ceiling, but there are 30 libraries left to go, I can’t slow down!



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