Library Passport: @Guilderlandlib #UHLS

Tour of Libraries: Guilderland Library

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to define areas by where you can shop, but if I was to describe where the Guilderland Library was to my friends I would say “near Crossgates Mall”.  It’s also close to SUNY Albany’s main campus.  This particular library is one of my favorites (but I think one other is my absolute fav).


I wish I had paused to read the sign to find out why there is a life-sized cow (bull? didn’t check) in their foyer.

Self check-in station.

 They have a library of things, Go-pros, Kindles and so forth, but I was too intimidated to take out the VR glasses set.  Maybe next time.

Story-time crowd.  They had something going on in the big program room, then a librarian led a parade through the library, holding a giant ball over her head, into the children’s area.



A well-stocked English learning section, including Launchpad players with a descriptive sign.


This one gave me a giggle.  Klingon? Elvish?

They separate out fantasy from science fiction.  I would prefer if all speculative fiction was together, as there are crossovers like the Dragon Riders of Pern, and authors who write both, like my favorites, Lois Bujold and Terry Pratchett.

While we’re talking about preferences, I really wished they filed graphic novels by series, rather than by author.  Comic books are a collaborative effort and many authors can work on one series over the years.

Nice teen lounge area.

Book club shelf.  Printer station where patrons pay BEFORE the print comes out, removing the everlasting debate of “but I didn’t mean to print that, so I don’t have to pay for it”.  There are many interesting sections and innovations all over this library.



Wait, what?  You pick up your own requests? What’s to stop nosy people from seeing what you’ve ordered?  

I guess I need to re-read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” as pictured here.


Staff members wondering what on earth I’m doing. Some Awesome ideas here, from having a consumer health area to decorating with giant paper quilling.



Jane is visiting all 36 locations of the Upper Hudson Library System (see introduction)



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  1. At Crandall Library in GF, you also pick up your own requests. Which led to a librarian “helping” me when I first checked the Qs, then began sifting through all the Moores, and then went back to look for more Qs…

  2. Sarasota Selby library lets you pick up your own requests. Edgartown doesn’t – they have them behind the circulation desk.

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